Trial Size - Perfect Skin Line-Diffusing Emulsion


Even better than "Silky Skin Matte Gel"!

Instantly perfect skin's texture, visibly soften the edges of harsh lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, mute reddened skin tones (even the redness of rosacea). Revolutionary soft-light diffusion technology makes it possible: 3-dimensional holographic molecules reflect light away from skin, giving a radiant smoothness to even the roughest surface. Optic micro lenses soften harsh skin-tones, visibly muting uneven color and discoloration. This unique emulsion keeps skin looking smoother, younger and close-to-perfect for hours. Men and women will love the coverage without the look of foundation. For the peak of perfection, wear over Equalizing Serum. You've got to try Perfect Skin to believe it.

Trial size product.